ad2games GmbH

While working at ad2games I cut out some of my time to work on the re-branding of the company, as it was getting old and out of date.
Their original colors and mark has been kept as strictly related to the brand, but changes have been made so to bring freshness and modernity.

Fira Sans is the chosen sans-serif typeface for ad2games new logo and communicational products.
Designed by Berlin renowned typographer Erik Spiekermann, and distributed on a Open Source License, Fira Sans fully embrace the professional yet young tone of voice which defines the company and its potential clients.

A whole stationary has been created so to update all the working materials used.

A crucial part of the brand re-structuring have been the design of a well-defined presentation template.
This gave to the company for the first time specific internal guidelines for the creation of pitches and slideshows.