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MADE.SIGN was an organization created to give free space and visibilty to young designers and their projects, create new collaborations and merge into a single place the lovers about design.
Every event had a main topic, taken from the main aspect of other projects from Italian design masters.
The intends was to show newer projects with the same topic and show that the masters has teached us a lot, but now it's our turn to show how and what we made.

Conceived and created with my great friends:
- Andrea Segato
- Erika Suzuki

The first event's topic was Transportability.
As the history of design taught all the young design students, the Olivetti Valentine by Sottsass, with its red carrying casem played an important role in the movability of work places and freelancers.
Unfortunately, despite its award Compasso d'oro, the rubber of the Valentine's case would easily fall to pieces and break, and the idea of transportability would fall with it!

With this on our mind, paying homage to Sottsass and its masterpiece, we decided to also reveal the defect of the Valentine, and so give space to younger designers and their concepts of trasportability.

The topic of our second event was the Ready Made.
On this, nobody more than Achille Castiglioni played a big role in the Italian design.
His rascal mind happily thought of stealing the seat of farmers' trucks, and create a stool out of it! What a dodger!
Fortunately, we busted Achille in his attempts, and he has been banned from the exhibition, and so, again, younger designers have been able to show their projects!