For the newborn company nevaly I created logo, stationary system, bags, clothing, and their whole communication and look.
nevaly connects brands to engaged influencers and creators for product and service sponsorships - therefore connection is their key, and from this the creation of their brand identity started.

The logo wants to show the bondage between brands and influencers, and keeps the forward thinking approach as the center effect.

A color palette has not been restricted to a specific one, as the possible combinations of connections are infinite.
Though, a tone of colors has been defined so to be aligned to a specific tone of voice.
Influencers and brands speak to people, preferring a more casual and simple language - so nevaly does, and the result flowed into an informal and playful communication.

A brand bible has been created so to help their internal designers in holding to the brand’s design system.

A set of merchandise used as gifts for employees and clients.

All the process of creation has been done closely with the nevaly's core team using a design-thinking approach. This guaranteed a better communication and understanding of the brands' values, and opened us the doors for a greater design.