My weekly track, as a gift for you.
Mirco Fragomena is a Berlin-based creative director. He also has a big love for purposeful action, people empowerment, ambient music, and pizza (yes, I'm Italian).

For the past 10 years I've worked on crafting identities that go beyond the visual language. They speak culturally. Empowering employees, organizations, and agencies has been my constant focus.

Currently working as Creative Director @ Hopf Strategie, I've been re-building the agency's culture and creative approach. My main focus has been in rebuilding teams and processes in order to provide the best to our team and clients.
I have also been leading digital and printed creative campaigns for a various range of brands and organizations.

In the past, I have been working with the people of moodpark, SouthSouthWest, Trout, and dashcreative.

For the good cause, I’ve given my time to organizations like Good For Nothing, StreetSmart and Wild Mission.
At a glimpse

Fairly good son of a great mom

Stands for the good cause

Has a puppy called Melba

Constantly works on personal growth

Speaks fluently the Adobe language

Knows and does some coding stuff

Figma is his new best friend

If UI and UX is a martial art: blue belt

Empathetic and leader at heart

Keyboard fastest drawer

Has a donut tattooed on a leg

Can whistle like a cricket

Does not eat animals

Experienced lucid dreamer

Has never been punched -
people liked him so far

Creative Director

Team Lead

Community Enabler

People's Person
Directing creative processes and projects

Motivating & leading colleagues to do good stuff

Connecting and empowering people

Brightening people around me
Hopf Strategy | Creative Direction & Culture Development
Skin-to-skin: in business, and in fact.

During my last year I've rebranded the visual identity, and helped reshaping the culture, of Hopf Strategie.
We have rebuilt the agency from its foundations - our vision, our values, our culture, our methods.
We applied new design thinking methods, uplifted our people and teams, defined new working ethics and models, and brought lots of people together.

Besides this, I have been in lead of digital and printed campaigns for a various range of companies on the DACH market.
moodpark | Art Direction, Concept Development, Visual Research
Helping directors and production agencies get their content made.

Creating high quality treatments for documentaries, commercials, and independent TV series for creative agencies, directors, and brands.
Among all the projects, I am very proud in having supported Lauren Greenfield to pitch Netflix for a documentary about the sensible topic of P-PTSD (Post-Partum Traumatic Stress Disorder).
The Reece Grant | Identity, Art Direction, and Board Member
Funding worldwide projects to provide clean water. And more.

The Reece Grant is a clean water initiative that officially launched in 2016. Developed at Trout (Melbourne), the team and myself re-designed the corporate identity, defined a clear strategy, and built a multi-channel marketing campaign to help positioning Reece as a facilitator for meaningful projects.
Happiless. Bonjour Tristesse. | Research, Concept, Costume design
Two doctors curing depression. One hug at a time.

While reading that every year there are 120 million prescriptions for antidepressants, and depression will be the second leading cause of disability within 7 years, and in 2030 it will be the main chronic disease, 
I have decided to dive into positive psychology, and work on it with my graduation project. So, I decided to work on the notion of Happiness and to spread its scientific and psychological benefits to people.

I've created two doctors, called Squeeze and Hug, that have no identity. They happily go around, city by city, hugging people and giving a little present for every person that they hug - a pill container without content. Only medical leaflet to raise awareness of yourself being your own - and everyone's else - potential medicine. Just with a hug.
Sonsee | Visual Identity and Brand Strategy
Including the plus size into our norms.

Often a struggle in the market for the plus size women, Sonsee's vision was - and still is - to give an end to this. By providing high-quality garments and aligning themselves with a user that was not yet considered, Sonsee got comfortable into a not-so-easy fashion world.

Trout has been chosen for the creation of their new visual identity and brand strategy, and I have accompanied the team over this project.
From their visual elements, to a user-centered social media strategy, I have been involved from A to Z over all what would give an identity to the brand, its women, and its well-needed attention.
The Enchanted Ball | Concept and Art Direction
The spark of magic to research into children's health issues.

Each year, the Enchanted Ball requires a visual and thematic refresh.
In 2017, Trout was again selected as creative partner to develop an identity that will celebrate, inspire and remain focused on the goals of the Financial Markets Foundation for Children.

Inspired to the childhood memories of fairy tales and imagined worlds where everything is possible, we developed a design that explores the idea of “enchantment".

Along the visual identity, an online platform has been designed to have access to the background of the organization, as well as the ticketing system to particiapte to the ball.
Wild Mission | Identity, Art Direction, and Board Member
United to raise awareness around various environment-related topics.

A NGO of nature and wildlife enthusiasts united around a common goal of raising awareness and supporting local and international projects through a series of knowledge sharing and fundraising activities.

I've created the visual identity of the organization, and I'm currently involved in the creation of all sorts of digital and printed material.
The idea behind using colorful gradients is born out of the necessity for Wild Mission to represent various environment-related topics, such as ocean pollution, deforestation, animal cruelty, and all the different projects they would like to touch. In this way the brand can then be flexible in adapting their colors to the specific topic.

Also, I am actively supporting Wild Mission through their diverse set of activities; from building yearly roadmap, to research, identifying focus areas, fundraising, and organizing events.
My approach starts from a methodical research which gets spiced up with a touch of playfulness, leading to results that bring joy and change.
I don't even like blue so much.