Happiless |
Bonjour Tristesse
Research and Concept

Every year there are 120 million prescriptions for antidepressants. Depression will be the second leading cause of disability within 7 years, and in 2030 it will be the main chronic disease. And the weirdest thing is that we do not need these antidepressants, because we have an amazing antidepressant, both for ourselves and others. We take these medicine since our birth, even if we do not know what their advantages are. But what would we do if we find out its benefits?

A hug is a real medicine, and we can take it when we want, increasing health for our body and our mind. They release oxytocin and serotonin, the happiness hormones, and they are the cure for all!

With my graduation project I decided to work on the notion of Happiness and to spread its scientific and psychological benefits to people.

There are two doctors, called Squeeze and Hug, without identity, that goes city by city, hugging people and giving a little present for every person that they hug.
A pill container without content, because you are the medicine and you don't need anything else!
Only a little bit of knowledge and advices to learn more about hugs.

If you wish to have a digital copy of the leaflet, click here.