I've lived in Milan, Berlin and Melbourne.
Mirco Fragomena is a Berlin-based creative director. 

I've worked on producing visual languages, trying to go beyond aesthetics - speaking culturally and emotionally is for me of important relevance.

I love to work for the greater good, without compromising the fun of the journey.
My approach always starts from a methodical research and implies a full design thinking approach, which when spiced up with a touch of playfulness leads to a driven result that brings joy within.

The objectives in this next step for my career are to find myself at work for meaningful causes so to have a positive social impact, and be part of a talented team that stands for the greatness of creation and the created.

He also has a big love for purposeful action, people empowerment, ambient music, and pizza (yes, I'm Italian).

As a visual designer I’ve been working for studios and agencies such as Hopf Strategie, moodpark, SouthSouthWest, Trout, and dashcreative.

Also, I’ve given my time for the good cause with the organizations Good For Nothing, StreetSmart and Wild Mission.

My approach starts from a methodical research which gets spiced up with a touch of playfulness, leading to results that bring joy and change.
Selected clients:
Lauren Greenfield, Lego, Heineken, Hopf Strategie, moodpark, Trout, SouthSouthWest, The Reece Grant, The Enchanted Ball, Good For Nothin, Domus Academy, NABA
Visual Research, Branding, Identity, Art Direction, Concept Development, Print, UI Design.

+61 414 55 77 82